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What is Remote Monitoring and Maintenance?

These days there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the term Remote Monitoring and Maintenance (RMM) also known as Proactive Monitoring.  Let’s explore what this term means and how it can benefit not only the technology in your business, but also your business as a whole.

What is Remote Monitoring and Maintenance?

RMM is the act of monitoring your technology systems including servers, networks, and equipment 24/7 providing a view into the health and status of your IT services.  This monitoring should produce real-time alerts and reporting in order to detect critical issues so corrective action can be taken quickly or ideally before they impact the business.

What are the benefits of Remote Monitoring and Maintenance for your technology systems and your business?

1. Early Detection: When you have measures in place to proactively detect technology issues you can have the opportunity to correct them before they have an impact on your business.  RMM technology can also alert you to performance errors and equipment failures before they have a catastrophic impact on your bottom line, employee productivity, and client satisfaction.

2. Cost Effective: Being proactive about your technology gives you the ability to understand when equipment may be coming to the end of its life providing you the time to budget for replacement equipment.  You are also not hit by costly emergency billing rates from IT Service Providers helping you get business critical equipment back up and running.  And, finally since you are able to control when you replace equipment you are able to execute a plan to keep your business running smoothly when upgrade or replacing equipment and systems.

3. Employee Productivity: Maximize employee productivity by keeping equipment operational and having the opportunity to plan equipment upgrades during non-working hours.  Proactive alerts and warning on how the equipment and software are running on an employee’s computer will help you avoid disasters.

4. Stop Maintaining and Start Progressing: If your IT Service professional is spending most of their time putting out technology fires, they are unable to implement new technology solutions.  These solutions may have the opportunity to take your business to the next level, make your employees more efficient, or just provided upgraded software.  When you are proactive about your technology you are able to spend less time putting out fires, and more time finding ways to grow and improve your business.

5. Gain Business Insight: Obtain a wider understand of your business, and how each piece of equipment impacts and works within your business.  When RMM is implemented into a business a comprehensive technology assessment is completed, so both the business owner and the IT Service professional have an understanding regarding how all of the technology operates within the business.  This also provides insight about how the technology may be helping or hindering the business giving you crucial information on how to move forward in reaching your business goals.

Now that you have a clear understanding of what RMM means and how it can benefit your business call your local Computer Troubleshooters expert to  make sure you are being proactive about your business technology!

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Franchisees Choice Award-4 years running!

Computer Troubleshooters Canada Receives Franchisees’ Choice Designation at CFA National Convention

June 1, 2014. Computer Troubleshooters Canada was honoured as a recipient of the Franchisees’ Choice designation on April 7, 2014 during a Gala Awards Presentation at the 23rd annual Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) National Convention in Niagara Falls, Ontario. This is the fourth year for the annual Franchisees’ Choice designation program.

The Franchisees’ Choice designees are CFA member franchise systems who voluntarily took part in an independently-administered survey. This year, over 50 CFA member franchise systems participated in the survey and more franchisees completed the survey than ever before. Franchisees were asked to assess their franchisor in key areas of the franchise business model, including the franchisee selection process; franchisee Information package; leadership; business planning and marketing; training and support; ongoing operations; and the relationship between the franchisor and franchisee. In order to qualify for this designation, a minimum of 10% of a brand’s franchisees must participate. In many cases, franchisee responses were significantly higher.

“Our franchisees are the backbone of CT Canada.  We value our strong, respectful and open relationship highly.  We work together to ensure we are fully meeting the needs of our clients and strive to make Computer Troubleshooters stronger year after year” says Ron Pilkey, National Director, Computer Troubleshooters Canada.

In the due diligence process of investigating a franchise opportunity, speaking with existing franchisees about the opportunity being explored is essential. For prospective franchisees, the Franchisees’ Choice designation identifies that a franchise brand has received solid endorsement and ratings from its franchisees. The 2014 Franchisees’ Choice designees are representative of the spectrum of franchise opportunities and the diversity and excellence of CFA members.

“The true strength of a franchise system lies in the mutually-rewarding relationship between a franchisor and its franchisees,” says Lorraine McLachlan, CFA President and Chief Executive Officer. “Being a Franchisees’ Choice designee is an honour and a vote of confidence because the high rankings in franchisee satisfaction come directly from the franchisees themselves.”

To learn more about Computer Troubleshooters Canada visit www.technologysolved.ca

For more information about Franchisees’ Choice designation and a full list of winners, visit www.awardsprogram.ca
About Computer Troubleshooters Canada

Computer Troubleshooters is an international network of professionals providing onsite computer services to small to medium size businesses. Based on the proven marketing and business strategies that make Computer Troubleshooters successful all over the world.  Computer Troubleshooters Canada is continually expanding the network into all parts of the country. Successful low cost advertising techniques have been refined over time, keeping our operations growing and profitable with a minimum of overhead.
About the Canadian Franchise Association

The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) is the recognized authority on franchising in Canada. With almost 600 corporate members nation-wide, representing many of Canada’s best-known brands, CFA is the indispensable resource for the franchise community and advocates on behalf of franchisors and franchisees in Canada to enhance and protect the franchise business model. CFA promotes excellence in franchising and educates Canadians about franchising, specific franchise opportunities and proper due diligence through its many events, programs, publications, and websites (www.cfa.ca and www.LookforaFranchise.ca).

Media Contacts:

Ron Pilkey

National Director

Computer Troubleshooters Canada

1 877 662 2667

E-mail: Canada@ctcanada.ca

Kenny Chan

Director, Communications

Canadian Franchise Association

Tel: 416-695-2896 ext. 232

E-mail: kchan@cfa.ca

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Is Your IT Professional Also a Trusted Business Advisor?

As a business owner, one of the best moves you can make is to outsource your IT services to a professional provider. When it comes to outsourcing your IT service needs, there are a wide range of service options that involve varying levels of management responsibilities and costs. An IT professional can provide service for a single specific task such as help desk support or managing network security. At the other end of the service spectrum, an IT professional can assume management responsibilities for a client’s entire IT infrastructure. The advantages of outsourced services are improved operational efficiencies, cost savings and predictable service for a nearly-fixed monthly fee.

Increase Efficiency and Effectiveness with Mobility

An increasing number of businesses have switched to the outsourced IT service model. If you are already working with a contracted IT professional, then you have given your business the advantage of a head-start on the competition. The next big question is whether your business is actually making the best use of your contracted IT professional? It is likely that your IT professional is responsible for repairs, fixes and upgrades for your business’ computers and network problems. Computer repairs might be a key part of the contracted job, but there are probably some value-added IT skills that your business might not be fully

Do You Need a Trusted Business Advisor or a Computer Repair Service?

  • Trusted advisor is an important role that an IT professional can fill by understanding the business owner’s goals and long range plans for the business. By understanding the “big picture,” an IT professional can share expert technical information while understanding various solutions, costs and the latest technology trends. Functioning as a trusted advisor, an IT professional can make experienced recommendations that are in the best interests of the business’ long term goals as opposed to implementing quick fix, computer repairs.
  • Decisions about new technologies might not be in the comfort zone of most business owners. How can a business owner be fully versed in technology and able to identify the difference between the latest hype and a proven strategy? Which technology is going to provide the best return on investment? Is it the best strategy to implement a new technology now or wait until next year? Is your business currently compliant with network security requirements? Is your data safe? If your business needs to update its operating system, is now the time to purchase new computers? If your IT professional is acting as a trusted advisor, these larger issues can be explored together with the shared goal being the long term sustainability and success of your business.
  • Technology coach is another important element of the trusted advisor’s role. As a member of the client’s “inner circle,” the IT professional needs to bring a variety of skills to the table including the ability to carefully explain technology solutions. The ability to really listen to the business owner is also critical. One size does not fit all – especially when it comes to technology decisions. A knowledgeable IT professional must be able to not only recommend the best technology solutions, but also make the best recommendations for a business’s particular needs in the context of their industry, finances and long range goals. A proactive IT professional will be constantly evaluating new technology products, solutions and reliable vendors that will best serve the needs of the client’s business.
  • Thinking Beyond Computer Repair Services

    As a business owner, you know that we all need to think “outside the box” more often. Computer Troubleshooters encourages you think outside of the “computer repair” box and see that your IT professional is a valuable asset that you might be able to utilize to even greater advantage. Computer Troubleshooters values your business and we want to be your trusted advisor when it comes to technology solutions! Give your local Computer Troubleshooters office a call today. We are ready to listen.

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What is Business Technology Support?

Business technology support can generally be described as a range of services that deliver assistance to users of technology products such as computers, software and mobile devices within an office setting.

  • Help! Most of us are familiar with the type of technical support that assists users via e-mail, a help desk, online chat or a call center. This type of help covers technical assistance with equipment problems or software issues. Technology support also comes in the form of remote computer repair. This type of support enables a technician to access the user’s desktop via the internet and transfer diagnostic and repair applications. The technician does not come to your location. This can be an effective process for computer optimization or the removal of computer viruses and spyware.  This type of technical support is very popular with business clients with home offices who can’t drop everything to the take their equipment into a shop for repairs.
  • Managed Services Providers can manage all of your businesses technology or just a few specific pieces on an on-going basis. Typically, this is set up as a contracted monthly fixed fee. This service can include monitoring of servers, network security, back-up services, cloud services and vendor management. Some Managed Services Providers also offer dedicated help desk support and on-site visits by technicians. Managed Services Providers have become an increasingly common strategy for small businesses that do not have their own in-house tech support staff. It’s an extremely effective way for small businesses to manage costs with a monthly contract while gaining access to new technology and skilled technicians.
  • IT Consultants and Technical Advisors also offer business technology support at a higher level. The IT professional can work closely with a client to understand the long term plans and goals of the business. This type of working relationship allows the IT professional to make strategic recommendations and develop a technology plan for the business. This involves keeping the client informed about new technology solutions that will enable the business to grow and become more competitive. The advantage of this type of technical support is that the business gains access to an IT professional who keeps an eye on the future and “big picture” thinking when it comes to new technology services, products and solutions.

Yes, business technology support covers a lot of service options. Now you just need to decide what level of technology support your business needs!

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CT Saskatoon-Business is Booming!

Andrey Olinov, our Saskatoon Franchisee is contributing to the booming businesses started by young entrepreneurs in Saskatoon!

Andrey moved to Saskatoon from Moscow 5 years ago and is now a strong part of his community and Computer Troubleshooters!

He was recently interviewed by a local radio station regarding his nomination as a finalist for the Small Business Award at the North Saskatoon Business Association’s (NSBA) Business Builders Awards.

We are so proud of Andrey and his team.  Congratulations CT Saskatoon!

To read the whole article go to

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October Newsletter: Is Your Business Prepared to Fight Cyber Crime?

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. This annual event is sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security in cooperation with National Cyber Security Alliance and the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center. The aim of Cyber Security Awareness Month is to inform and educate all levels of our government, the private business sector and the general public about issues of safety and security in our cyber environment. Their tag line says it all: Stop. Think. Connect.

What does “cyber environment” actually mean? We can interchange that term with others such as information technology, computer networks, Internet, digital, wired and virtual. It’s the non-physical terrain created by computer systems that is keeping us more interconnected than ever before. The average American spends over five hours a day in online activities related to jobs, education, e-mail, mobile banking, health care, online shopping, travel, entertainment and social media communications. All of this digital convenience also presents a wide range of threats, dangers and responsibilities. Especially with more information shared via Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, we need to be increasingly vigilant about the security of our personal data.

The Dangers of Cyber Crimes

For individuals, the ever-present danger of cyber crimes includes hacker theft of confidential information, money, credit, banking and even medical information. This type of crime often results in personal identity theft. Other facets of cyber crime include online bullying and stalking that can affect your children. Malicious business scams are probably the most common. The threats to businesses include the loss of intellectual property, stolen client data or harm to the business’ computer network. The statistics on cyber crime are sobering. In 2013, online scams had increased by 355%. Cyber attacks on small businesses had increased by 18% over the past two years, with over 60% of these targeted businesses closing their doors within six months.

How to Protect Yourself, Your Family and Your Business from Cyber Crime

In both our professional and private lives, each of us needs to assume responsibility for our online activities. These responsibilities involve a combination of equipment maintenance and software updates coupled with appropriate online behavior and a constant vigilance against criminal activities. We suggest that you start with this brief checklist:
•Maintain a Clean Machine by running the most recent operating system, security software, apps and web browser as a defense against online threats such as viruses and malware.
•Firewalls and Encryption should be in use by businesses to secure their internet connection. Educate employees about passwords and internet security guidelines.
•Spam and Phishing are hazards you can avoid. Don’t open e-mailed attachments from strangers and never click on unknown links contained within e-mails. Enable the filters on your e-mail programs to screen for spam. Beware of messages indicating upgrades, technical updates and special offers. These tactics are no longer limited to e-mail, so be vigilant when on social networking sites.
•Backup Your Computer and Mobile Device in the event that your equipment is physically stolen or lost. You might have lost the device, but the data is preserved by the backup system. The theft of smartphones has become a major crime. Be aware of where your smartphone is at all times. If your phone is missing, consider using locator apps and you can even use a remote wipe to clear information from your missing phone.
•Secure Your Device by activating the key-lock feature and using a passcode. A particularly complex password is suggested. Change your passwords periodically.
•Safeguard Your Personal Information when using unsecured, public connection by avoiding apps or websites that require your password. These are the types of connections accessed in airports, hotels, coffee shops and libraries. You might want to reconsider doing your online banking in an airport.
•Manage Your Social Network Privacy by reviewing the latest changes to privacy settings and be sure you are using these settings properly. Think twice about what you are posting on these sites – more people might see this than you think. Educate your children about social media behaviors. Hide your e-mail address from online profiles.
•Disposal of Older Computers is another source for the theft of data. Remember when you delete files, the information is not actually erased. The hard drive should be overwritten, degaussed or physically destroyed. Never dispose of a computer that hasn’t been secured. Your information could end up in the hands of a criminal.

Computer Troubleshooters Can Help Your Business with Cyber Security

Computer Troubleshooters is proud to be a Champion of National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Our entire team supports their mission throughout the year. Computer Troubleshooters can do an assessment of your business’ computer network. We can also provide recommendations for establishing a strategic approach to cyber security and assist you with a variety of solutions to reduce the risk of a security breach.

We strongly encourage you to prepare your business for the threat of a cyber security crime.
Call your local Computer Troubleshooters office today.

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Champion Partner of Cyber Security Month

It’s official! Computer Troubleshooters is now a Champion for National Cyber Security Awareness Month. We are proud to be a champion and show our continued commitment to Cyber Security!

Our franchise owners are focused on cyber security and its impact on residents and business owners 365 days a year. For the next 30 days, we will be sharing cyber security information through newsletters, social media posts, blog posts, and available promotions as part of National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

STOP.THINK.CONNECT. This is a simple message that they believe everyone should adopt. We all need to take security and safety precautions and understand the consequences of our actions and behaviors online.

The National Cyber Security Alliance focuses on these essential safety issues:
•Awareness –Ensuring that the public understands and is aware of the cybercrimes that are taking place across the Internet.
•Education – Informing the public about how to stay safe online and who to contact if they are a victim of a cybercrime or think they may be a victim of a cybercrime. Also, helping business owners educate their employees about safety measures and informing parents about how to keep their children online. Parents need to teach their children about what to look for and stay away from while online.
•Culprits – Many cybercrimes begin with Malware – short for “malicious software.” Malware includes viruses and software that is installed on your computer or mobile device without your knowledge or consent. These programs can cause your computer to crash and can also be used to monitor and control your online activity.
•Prevention – The easiest line of defense is to avoid Malware, so you should always keep a “clean machine.” Install the latest security software, complete automatic updates and protect all devices that connect to the Internet.

Because it is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we have put together this short quiz so that you can test your own online awareness. We encourage you to put your Cyber Security knowledge to the test (the answers are at the bottom:)).

1. Hector unlocks his smartphone and notices he has 12 apps that need to be updated. What should he do?

A. Ignore the prompt to update.

B. Update the apps.

2. When you are connected to the Internet, you are responsible for your actions. (True or False)

3. Stealing other people’s work online – from sites like Wikipedia and Google – is a crime. (True or False)

4. You are playing a game on a smartphone and the app asks for your current location. It’s okay to enable location services because all of your friends play the game and if they do it, it must be okay. (True or False)

5. Malware is a type of software designed to cause viruses. (True or False)

1.B. Update the apps. It’s important to Keep a Clean Machine. Keeping a Clean Machine means having the latest operating system, software, web browser, anti-virus protection and apps on your computer and mobile devices. You should also only have apps on your phone that you actually use.
2.True. Remember to STOP. THINK. CONNECT. Make sure you have taken security precautions, understand the consequences of your actions and behaviors and enjoy the Internet. Remember, the Internet is a shared resource. When you are safer online, you make the Internet more secure for everyone!
3.TRUE. Stealing other people’s work is considered theft. If you cut and paste content into your homework without citing the source, it is cheating and plagiarism.
4.False. Think before you app. Many apps do not need geo-location services enabled in order to provide the service. Make sure you decline or opt-out of the location service feature on your phone. If you don’t know how to do this, ask your parents. Protect your personal information by reading the privacy policy of an app before you download it to understand what information the app accesses and how it uses your information.
5.TRUE. Malware, short for malicious software, is designed to cause damage or disruption to a computer system or to use a computer to send spam, distribute malware or launch an attack on other computers. You can avoid malware by Keeping a Clean Machine and having the latest operating system, software, web browser, anti-virus protection and apps on your computer and mobile devices. Remember, all devices that connect to the Internet need protection.

If you have questions about National Cyber Security Awareness Month or would like to get involved you can go to the National Cyber Security Awareness Website: http://www.staysafeonline.org/

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Keeping Your IT Team as Happy as Can Be

IT professionals are essentially on call at all times. A system-wide catastrophe can occur
any time of the day or night, and these professionals are ready to get your network back up and on its feet again. Additionally, IT professionals work around the clock to ensure that these types of problems are taken care of before they turn into potential disasters. Show your IT team you appreciate what they do, and you’ll have find you’ll have a greater ability to increase both efficiency and productivity at a company level.

Software as a Service

One very popular facet of technology being adopted in a wide variety of different industries is “software as a service,” or SaaS, according to Salesforce.com. SaaS allows you to subscribe to various types of products and services that are available from the Internet, as opposed to the traditional model of installing something on a computer’s hard drive. Software as a service implementations are easy to set up and even easier to maintain, which allows your IT team to have a well-deserved break from calamities they face on a daily basis.

The benefits also extend far past the IT team. Because business and enterprise applications are stored in the cloud instead of locally on a hard drive, employees can work from any computer with an Internet connection. Just because an employee is out sick or on vacation doesn’t mean that person won’t be able to do some work at the same time thanks to software as a service implementation.

Blackberry’s MDM

Another key technology that is helping make IT professionals happy all over the country is Blackberry’s MDM, or Mobile Device Management. The Blackberry MDM architecture helps IT professionals and even the business as a whole keep all mobile devicesinterconnected and secure. The service allows enterprises to manage mobile devices of all types including those running the Blackberry OS as well as Android and iOS platforms. Both corporate and personal devices can be managed from a single interface that offers a full range of security needs.

IT professionals will have a wide variety of different options with regards to how to both maintain an existing architecture and fix issues that may arise, and your employees in general will have greater freedom to collaborate and increase productivity on their own terms.

Enterprise App Stores

The IT team is traditionally responsible for the purchase and configuration of all types of enterprise and business-related software. Thanks to recent developments in the concept of enterprise app stores, getting the software you need installed and configured as quickly as possible has never been easier. Think about how easy it is to download an app onto your smart phone — you just open up the built-in app store, select the software you want and it is available for use a few seconds later. Enterprise app stores function in the same basic way but offer the wide-ranging software you need to efficiently complete business on a daily basis.

By embracing new technology that makes the lives of your IT professionals easier, they in turn will have an easier time setting up and maintaining the complex infrastructure required for your business to function. Embracing certain aspects like cloud computing is also a great way to pass those benefits onto general employees and increase productivity and lower operational costs at the same time.

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5 Things to Keep In Mind When Upgrading Your Computer!

Are you thinking about upgrading your computer and equipment for your business or home, but don’t really know the where to start. There are a variety of options when start your search.

  • Desktop or maybe Laptop?
  • How much RAM do I need?
  • What is be RAM?
  • Should I go PC or MAC?
  • How much should I spend?

By the time you have found the answers to these questions (and more! ), and you start the search for a new computer and equipment the options seem overwhelming!

We feel your pain; we understand how difficult it can be to make all of these decisions.

So we have decided to help, our franchise owners are always available to help you choose the best computers and equipment for your home or business, but there are still a few things you need to keep in mind.

Below are the 5 things you keep in mind and establish before beginning your search for a new computer and equipment.

1. Set a Budget – There is be nothing worse than buying something and feeling an instant pang of regret, because you went over budget.  This is especially resonant with business owners. You do not want to over spend. So decide how much money you want to spend per computer, and stick to it!

2. Outline How You will be Using the Computer – You need to know, in advance, what programs you will  be running (internet based also), if you will be utilizing the Microsoft Office Suite, if there are any specific programs or utilities that are needed in your industry. It may even be useful to have your office staff track the programs that that they use over several weeks to get a clear picture of what they need and why.

3. Grasp Computer Jargon – Don’t allow “tech confusion” to set in, stay ahead with the curve and prepare. Find out exactly what words like RAM (memory), processor speed, Input Ports & Drivers, Wireless Functionality, and software applications may be included mean. You should know what they mean and understand how they impact your computer and equipment needs. Confirm that whoever is aiding you in the buying process knows what programs you need to run your business, and can make sure the computers that you are purchasing have the necessary capabilities.  And, that they can tell if you the programs you are interested in are included or if you have to purchase them separately.

4. Read Product Reviews – There is not a better method to decide if something is worth acquiring than reading a review from an individual that is currently using the product daily for the same purpose as you and your business. All of the big box retailers and online outlets should have products reviews on their website. You also needs to utilize resources like CNet (reviews. cnet. com/) and PC Magazine (www. pcmag. com/reviews). These resources should have unbiased opinions and will many times compare several models against one another.

5. Protect Your Investment – The last activity is making sure that you are prepared with a virus and spyware package. This is the most important part of protecting your computer and investment. It will get attacked eventually and you must be prepared when this happens. Many have auto-updates, auto-removal, cleanup and renewal alerts.

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End of Life of Windows XP-How Will It Affect You and Your Business?

Who plans a funeral years and years in advance? Microsoft – that’s who!

Next year on April 8th, Microsoft officially ends Windows XP operating system’s life cycle. Even with over 600 million worldwide users, Microsoft will no longer sell or support Windows XP and Office 2003. There will be no automatic fixes, updates, free assisted online technical support and security updates. Unfortunately, many of the 600 million users either don’t know or have forgotten about the funeral. If you like it or not, it’s time to accept the death of XP and make a plan for the future.

“When XP goes out of support, it’ll be a lot like driving a car that you can’t buy parts for anymore,” said Jay Paulus, Microsoft’s Director of Windows Small Business Marketing.

If you are feeling like you missed the memo, apparently you are not alone. Microsoft’s customer surveys indicate that for enterprises with 5-250 employees, only 55% of them know about the end of XP and 70% have no idea what the change will entail or how it will impact their business!

Are you part of this group?

Upgrade or Your Business Might Face the Consequences of Security and Compliance Issues

You should take this situation seriously and find out immediately if any of your computers are still running XP. If the answer is yes, your business can be negatively impacted with some significant consequences. You should consider the following information as you make your Windows XP migration plan.

  • Security Risks: The biggest problem is the security threat to your business. Without the security provided by an updated operating system, all of your business data and personal information are vulnerable to harmful viruses and spyware. There is a strong likelihood that malicious viruses will be unleashed on XP’s “zero day”, leaving undefended computers immobilized and viruses spreading quickly over the net to PCs still operating on XP. No business owner wants to think about a virus spreading through all of the computers that keep your business functioning.
  • Compliance Issues: For many businesses, continuing to operate XP can result in compliance issues leading to the suspension of certifications, and/or public notification of the organization’s inability to securely maintain its systems and customer information. Compliance problems can place your business in legal peril and seriously damage your business’ reputation.
  • Upgrade Expenses: As a business owner trying to control costs, do you think an upgrade will be too expensive? Think again. Some experts view a business that continues to run XP as a liability bordering on irresponsibility. The problems that are likely to arise can cost your business significantly more than the upgrade.
  • Custom Support Available for a Price: For businesses in denial about the end of XP, support will actually remain available after April 8, 2014 but at the annual cost of $200 per device. Depending on the number of computers your business is using, it’s not much of a bargain. In reality, this is only a temporary, contingency plan.

Security and compliance are perhaps the two most critical issues facing the business community in regards to the end of the XP life cycle. Tim Rains, Microsoft’s Director of Trustworthy Computing, stated in Microsoft’s Security Blog, “After April 8, attackers will likely have more information about vulnerabilities in Windows XP than defenders.”

Do You Have an XP Migration Plan in Place?

Microsoft is fully invested in ending XP’s life cycle, so this is not a situation you can simply ignore. It’s happening on April 8, 2014, so mark your calendar. Most large organizations have been working on their migration plans for years. For small-medium sized business owners, the hour is getting late so we strongly encourage you to take action today!

Windows 7 and Windows 8 offer greater efficiency for enhanced productivity; more fully integrated WiFi and Bluetooth; improved user-interface; less down time and decreased labor costs for repairs. Again, Computer Troubleshooters encourages you to take this situation seriously and develop a migration plan immediately. Our experts can help you understand your XP migration options and work with you to develop an upgrade strategy for your business. Call your local Computer Troubleshooters office today before it’s too late.

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