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Franchise Opportunity

We are an IT Support company with locations right across Canada. Our focus is business to business IT services. The IT services we provide include the day to day support for users with the desktops, managing backups, monitoring the servers and so much more. Our services also include long term strategic planning for businesses so that IT becomes an integral part of their business. Our franchisees are also selling products including cloud solutions like Office365, consumables like Ink and Toner as well as products such as Voice Over IP phone systems. Many of our franchisees also have a small service center allowing them to capitalize on the computer repair market.

Start by asking yourself 2 questions.

  1. Have you always dreamed of starting an IT support business?
  2. Do you want help with that business?

If you have answered YES to both of these questions, you’ve come to the right place. Our business model is to allow you to run your own business. That means finding your own clients, supporting your own clients and doing all the day to day business operations like bookkeeping and marketing. What we are here for is to provide you with the tools and know-how to be successful.

So imagine on Day 1 of starting your business

  1. your branding is completed
  2. you have a website and you are search engine optimized
  3. you have a marketing plan and materials to follow through with the plan
  4. you have a Time Management Tool, a remote monitoring and management tool and a remote control tool.
  5. you are ready to go selling Office365, VOIP solutions and Toner.

and so much more, you are hitting the ground running

Now imagine it’s year 3

  1. You are getting discounts with vendors for products you sell every month
  2. you use a Computer Troubleshooter in another city to help with your client’s branch office
  3. you just got back from the conference and met a great Hardware as a Service (HaaS) vendor.
  4. you have online training for your new sales rep

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